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Game mystery: Is it ok to cheat on your gaming console with another gaming console?

Posted by Jason on April 19, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Most people would agree that having an affair with another gaming console would be every bit as naughty as cheating on your significant other in that it just shouldn't be done. For those of you who have a serious dedication to your console, you have most likely enjoyed each other's company for so long that you are practically married. Think about it. Every time you come home from work, there that console is, waiting for you. She's there for you everyday, through thick and thin. Perhaps you've spoken to her at length about your horrible boss while she's listened patiently, or maybe she's just simply there for you, period. And while that console can't prepare dinner or eat with you (it is, after all, an inanimate object, right?) the one thing that sweet little box won't do is nag or talk back to you.

Face it. That console not only has these perks, but also has the ability to provide you, the gamer, with hours upon hours of the best in entertainment. So why would you cheat on her? And with what brand?

Brands are like people: They have feelings too. And they deserve loyalty for all that they do. And cheating, especially with a generic console, is a real slap in the face to her. While it may feel natural for professional gamers to seek what's cheaper, it hardly results in the most price effective marriage. In a marriage, you wouldn't settle for second best, you'd want the woman of your dreams, wouldn't you? So why not invest in the console of your dreams as well?

Let us digress for a moment. Let's say that, hypothetically speaking, your marriage wasn't working. Your partner turned out to be the most disappointing person you have ever met. There are holes involved: you know you can't stay in the marriage any more than elephants could fly because the person you chose for a life partner was sleeping with a neighbor or your best friend. As time wanes on, so do the changes in marriage and partnership, for better or for worse. The one you had fallen madly in love with is no longer that same person you met at the aisle and wed.

Well, the same goes for a gaming console. When times change, so do the products we have grown to love and to hold. Much like today's marriages, things fall apart and they are no longer as they seemed. Maybe the operating system has decided it doesn't approve of the console product you are trying to install and, much like an angry in law , it says,"Absolutely not! This one is not good enough for our family!" You are then forced to take her back and find another one.

This is an example of how quickly the operating system can have a stake in your choice of console. But don't worry, because it is giving you a fair warning to choose the one that's good enough for you. That being said, there'll be no need for you to cheat after all.


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