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The best video games and what flaw you didn't know about them part 5

Posted by Jason on March 16, 2017 at 7:10 PM

The Best Video Games



Mega Man Zero 3


Mega Zero 3 is a great side-scroller that strictly follows the famous format of hack and slash games, high difficulty as well as exploration.


Mega man Zero 3 can be likened to its predecessors with some greatly noticeable updates. The formula for the Zero series is very addictive, fun and so enjoyable. Attempting to achieve everything in the top zero games is a difficult task for most players. This is due to the game's difficulty.


With all that in the back of your mind, here are some of the points that place this game in the top slot and makes it one of the best Gameboy Advance games.


Starting with the gameplay, it proves that this game is very addicting in ways that exceeds one; it is superb!


Regarding gameplay, you should expect all things especially those that made Zero 2, to create a sweet, lovable game. Features like EX Skills, Cyber Elves, Weapons and various difficulty modes.


The game also has a link feature with Mega Man Battle Network Four: Red Sun and Blue Moon. When the two carts are linked, you can find special Battle Network enemies appear in the cyberspace of Zero 3. This is a great feature in the game.

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The story line is very linear but interesting. This game follows a type of 'save the world or civilization' ordeal. There are six characters in the game that make their returns, and the story is interconnected between all the four games. This fact alone will make you to start loving this game.


Another impressive feature that the developers have worked on in this Gameboy Advance Game is the graphics. The best word is decent, but you will find reused sprites from other games. The cut scenes create a beautiful appearance and are good looking in their particular way.


The sprites are beautifully fluid with motions that do not slow down. You will be able to tell the main characters apart from the entire cast a lot easily. Even though the game is a side-scroller, the colors still score much above the average.


The game also has a great sound with great pieces that can accidentally give off a rather dramatic mood. The featured tracks fit the game settings, and so almost all things come into place in a beautiful package.


Although this may look nice, the game has certain hidden flaws. Some of them are the fact that there is no variety in weapon choice and a poor menu interface. It is also very hard to get EX Skills in MMZ2 and MMZ3.


But it is a great game, though.

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